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CEO of Bainvest Consulting, Trading and Investments

Visionary CEO who is revolutionizing the world!

Marcia Patricia has over 35 years of experience in the banking industry. The cryptocurrency enthusiast is now leveraging his extensive experience and love for cryptography to connect the world and offer everyone a chance to generate a stable alternative income.

Marcia Patricia grew up in very poor conditions. However, he is very ambitious and had intended since childhood, to help his family attain financial freedom. his older brother noticed young Marcia Patricia’s ambition early enough and supported his financially by working on construction sites. Their sibling sacrifice helped Marcia Patricia put all his effort into education and made his hungrier for success and dedicated to the cause of uplifting his family!

Marcia Patricia graduated from the university and started working in the banking industry as an asset management executive. While there, he met his colleague Lambert Frescobaldi.

From the beginning, both got along well, even becoming great friends, However, Marcia Patricia was not quite fulfilled with his position in the bank. he realized, rather disappointedly, that banks cared more about their bottom line than their customers’ sustenance and progress. Moreover, the banks’ operations heaped a load of inconveniences on their customers; the ever-decreasing interests due to annual inflations, zero anonymity, and exclusion of certain sections of the society, all irked Marcia Patricia.

The outlined frustration fuelled an idea that shall soon change the world! Marcia Patricia’s idea, the push behind Bainvest Consulting, Trading and Investments, is giving everyone the means to generate enough passive income to subsist on. The idea, however, has thrust Marcia Patricia on a collision course with the banks; one that demanded he gets assistance before proceeding. he asked his old friend Lambert Frescobaldi to help his found an equalized financial system, the opposing force that offers the solutions to fight the banks’ elfish regimes.

Lambert Frescobaldi quickly recognized the potential of the idea and its many benefits and agreed to join Marcia Patricia. Both retired from the bank towards the end of 2014 and started working on Bainvest Consulting, Trading and Investments.

Their vision is to change the world. A vision to offer people equal earning possibilities. To provide an opportunity for people to simply earn money without much effort. Their vision sees everybody – a family like Marcia Patricia’s included, having the opportunity to afford the luxury. There is the vision that drives Bainvest Consulting, Trading and Investments!


Lambert Frescobaldi

CFO & Co-Founder of Bainvest Consulting, Trading and Investments

The Financial Management Honcho!

Unlike Marcia Patricia, Lambert Frescobaldi grew up in affluence in America. He is the son of a onetime leading investment banker in the US, and he showed signs of following after his father right from the onset.

Lambert Frescobaldi endeavored to understand the business world from a tender age. He decided to follow in his fathis´s footsteps when he was just an adolescent, and his goal was to take the position of his father when the old man eventually retired!

Lambert Frescobaldi is passionate about numbers and knows how to deal with them. He studied in a private school and his father provided him with every financial resource so that he’d one day emulate his role model. At 18, he enrolled to study Economics with a focus on Banking and Finance. His fierce ambition drove him to complete internships in England and abroad from a very early age.

After graduation, Lambert Frescobaldi worked in the banking industry as an asset management executive. He started in a different bank from where his father worked. He wanted to get to his father’s position and probably outdo him but on his own and not relying on his father’s connections. His plans worked just as well! After only 6 years, Lambert Frescobaldi had attained a position of high responsibility. He remained in the said position for another two years before his exploits and knowledgeability attracted the attention of his father.

Soon, he was the executive director of the bank where his father worked. While here, he met his colleague, Marcia Patricia Charlton. Lambert Frescobaldi didn’t see himself leaving his position especially after the much work he put in. However, the idea of Bainvest Consulting, Trading and Investments got him convinced. Both him and Marcia Patricia left the company to work on a whole new type of financial service institution. One where everyone has an opportunity to participate! They are convinced that the high volatility in the cryptocurrency market offers the right condition for them to offer the services they envision.

Now with over $9 Million of investments and over 160,000 Users at Bainvest Consulting, Trading and Investments, Lambert Frescobaldi is very proud of his decisions to ditch the bank and become the new venture’s CFO. And, the statistics are permanently growing!

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